Classes & Schedule

Find the best class and time that works for you and begin your Pilates life! For more information, you can always contact Rachel directly.


Mon, Wed, Fri 6am-12pm
4pm-7pm Tues 6:15am-7pm Thur 6:15am-6:30pm

“I’ve been going to Pilates at Energy Within twice a week for 9 1/2 years. I first started because a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months looked really great… like she had lost several pounds. She told me that it was a result of taking classes with Rachel. I didn’t know anything about Pilates, but decided to try it. It’s a great way to start the day!”
—Linda Adams, Solana Beach, CA

Same day appointments are sometimes available, so give us a call and we will discuss a time that works for you.

  • All Inclusive Pilates sessions are 55 minutes long and start on the mat, tapping into the abdominal muscles as a warm up. Then onto the equipment for resistance or weight-bearing training. As your abilities improve, Rachel expertly increases the intensity to continuously challenge your muscles and provide ongoing improvement of your fitness level.

  • For those new to Pilates, Private Sessions are required. These sessions establish a foundation for all future exercises. You will build upon this foundation to achieve your fitness goals. However, if you have previous Pilates experience, you may be put directly into a class.


Private Sessions:

$75 / 1 session

$210 / 3 sessions

Semi-Private Sessions:

$45/ person


$40 if 5 or more sessions are purchased.

Group Sessions:

$30 / 1 session


$25 if you schedule in advance per month

Introductory Package


Rachel understands that choosing a Pilates studio and instructor is a big step.

For first-time clients, we offer a special introductory package with the same personalized coaching – $215 for:

3 private sessions


3 group sessions

1345 Duke Dr, Vinton, VA 24179