Pilates Benefits

The benefits of Pilates are limitless here in the beautiful Roanoke Valley. The reduction and elimination of back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain are just the beginning as you increase overall wellness and learn to relax in your body enhancing mental health.

Muscles work together in groups to either stabilize or mobilize our bones. It’s a team effort, as one team of muscles contracts to move the bones the opposing muscles must lengthen or move eccentrically.

Pilates will enhance your bodies ability to have balance, which equates to ease of movement. How does the body achieve that? By finding the most “neutral” position it can. Then you will achieve the balance and health the body needs. Each body is unique and must find balance for its particular case. In the long-run, this balance will eliminate discomfort and pain.

There are many muscles involved in stabilizing or holding the bones in a neutral position. When our bones are in the most neutral position, the work is spread out throughout the body and balance is achieved.

Pain occurs when there is an imbalance in the way the muscles work together. This results in a lack of strength that can then cause an injury in the muscle, fascia, or tendons. The result of improper muscle balancing will cause improper alignment in the bones. Then movement is impaired and pain is a result. Around and around we go! Find a balanced, neutral position in your body and alleviate unnecessary stress and tension resulting in pain. Once this balance is achieved it will become a foundation for whatever activity you choose to do in Roanoke, VA.

Mind and Body

Here in the Roanoke Valley at Energy Within Pilates, Rachel will help you learn to relax and be in command of your body. Concentration, enabling you to focus on your movements and control of your breathing will create a strong core. This will eventually coordinate your alignment and posture as your body moves throughout your daily activities. Over time it will become second nature and enhance all areas of your life. Rachel can help you obtain your optimal physical condition as you begin using a body-mind connection.


The same principals are used in Pilates that injured athletes use to recuperate by focusing on core strengthening, balance, and flexibility. Many athletes incorporate Pilates as “cross training” to keep themselves injury-free and to help enhance their performance.

Rehabilitation means “to restore to useful life, as through therapy and education” or “to restore to good condition, operation, or capacity.” Once again, the principals used in Pilates are the same ones used in the rehabilitation of many common orthopedic problems. If you have a serious injury, you’ll need medical treatment and investigation before undertaking Pilates. Once you are cleared by you Dr and PT here in the Blue Ridge Mountains or in the Roanoke VA area, you are ready to begin exercising, Pilates will help you ascend to and surpass your previous level of fitness.

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